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Yes, but it requires a Dash Cam hardwire kit to work properly.

Yes, Ombar dash cam has a built-in smart parking mode. It will automatically record any bumps or physical movement of the vehicle when it is left unattended.

The voice recording function of the dash cam is turned on by default, If there is no voice recording, you can turn on the corresponding function in the settings when you are connected to the mobile APP by Wifi.

Yes, an SD card is required.

  1. Tear off all protective film before first use.
  2. The SD card must be formatted before first use.
  3. Due to the built-in supercapacitor (no battery), be sure to connect the power supply when using.

For 4K cameras, 2.4G Wifi is insufficient, while 5G has a transmission speed of about 2-4 times that of 2.4G, with a maximum speed of 10MB/s.

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